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Originally posted by adamjr
I have owned 3 vehicles in the past that would hold a box the size of the one the TV was in. Two of those vehicles would have required its' removal in order to access the spare tire.

Having to change a tire on a cold, wet, icy, windy day can quickly take the polish off the experience of having just purchased a big ticket item. It is no longer the only thing on your mind.

You pull the TV box out of the back of your van or station wagon and set it on the side of the road a few feet back so it isn't in your way. You wouldn't want to throw your flat tire in it's direction and actually damage it or have the lug wrench slip causing you to bash it into the screen.

While changing the tire in the elements you manage to slice your dry and cracked hand on the rim when you remove the flat. While bleeding you have to get the spare tire on your car all the while exposing your open cut to salt or calcium chloride or what ever other corosive ice melter McHenry county is using. You put the spare on and put the flat away and close up the vehicle and drive away. Now you go a couple of blocks or even a mile or two in Randall Road stop and go traffic and look in your rear view or at the bag from the electronics store that's sitting on your passenger seat.

Bam, you're hit in the guts like a sledge hammer. "How could I have done that. God I hope it's still there. You do what you have to do to get back to where you changed your flat but it will probably still take you 20 minutes to get to where you can turn around plus the distance to return. A half hour has elapsed and someone has already found it and driven off by the time you get back.

While I haven't ever done that with something the size of a TV I have left my tool bag at a customers office more then once in the last twelve and a half years as a technician as well as my laptop case.

Mistakes are never big or small. Mistakes are mistakes and they come in only one size. Consequences, on the other hand, can be huge.

As far as those that said if you left the TV you don't deserve it; I disagree. People make mistakes and these things happen. Since none of us actually knows the circumstances that caused the TV to be left on Randall road it is impossible to determine whether or not the person that posessed it previously "deserved" to lose it.

Karma is a BE-OTCH

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