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I have a ACIII and love it. The only feature that I am missing is the conductivity, which is available on the ACIII-Pro. I travel over 50% of the time and I have access to my ACIII over the internet around the world. I have it setup to send me emails if something goes out of tolerance. The ACIII and ACIII-Pro has a web-server built in and the setup is very simple. The programming language is pretty easy and I have it controlling all of the lights on my three tanks, my calcium reactor and my ozone generator. I did have some issues with a temp probe and ORP probe not measuring properly, but Neptune Systems was prompt and helpful with their support. This all being said, I really like the rumors of what is going to be available in the ReefKeeper Elite. I will wait and see if that has what it takes. It certainly looks like a much more modern and user-friendly unit.

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