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I am dissatisfied with the programming interface. It's 2008 I think a GUI interface isn't too much to ask for. Being a computer geek this isn't a big deal to me but for others that have little computer knowledge the AC series can be a pain in the *** to configure.

Mine is less than 4 months old and already has a dead temp sensor. Curt is replacing it under warranty but given the other issues I have had I am less than thrilled with the product.

Issues I have had with the AC3:

AquaNotes to controller network interface is temperamental. It will log in a username and password you created on the controller only to log it out less than 1 minute later. It will then not log it back in unless you create a new username/password on the controller. This happened on 2 different controllers, both brand new.

The controller told me that my PH was 10.x despite 2 hrs earlier telling me it was in the normal 8.x range. At this point the controller and probe were a little over a month old. A 2 point PH rise in nearly 300 gals of water in 2 hrs? Yeah I didn't believe it either.

Numerous controller lock-ups requiring re-booting(removal of power supply for no less than 2 minutes). This has happened approximately 6 times in 4 months.

Obviously not the pillar of stability. Maybe I just have one that hates me.

As mentioned support could use some improvement. When you ask questions on the Neptune forum if Curt answers he is borderline condescending to you. I was asking about some of the programming, and if there were other statements besides IF/Then, Random and Oscillate and his response was "it's in the user manual chapter 5".

Overall I am very dissatisfied with the product. It is a glorified timer that has you part with a decent chunk of change. At the very least it needs to be reliable... something that in my opinion it is not.

When it works, it performs it's functions well.

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