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Originally posted by jglackin
I have the ACIII Pro. I love it. I have it online and I have everything connected to it so I can turn it all on or off via my blackberry. I have my Tunze 6055s controlled via my ACIII with the Aquasurf and get some very good wave action. I also have an auto feeder hooked to my ACIII that feeds twice a day and I can also feed manually via my bberry. I can get real time readings on pH, Temp, ORP, and equipment status.

It is not perfect, I will admit. I do believe that some things could be made more user friendly, but I have never experienced any support issues. I get good responses in the forum, timely responses via e-mail, or I talk to Curt directly. Is he the most warm and charming individual you will ever chat with? He's an engineer that gets hundreds of calls, e-mails and posts every day. I don't care if he won't talk about the weather with me, I just need my question answered.

I would buy another ACIII Pro if I had to do it all over again.
I have an ACIII and couldn't agree more. Curt has always been more than helpful, and has always responded to emails and PM's in a timely fashion. He's even been a pleasure to work with on the phone.

I love my ACIII and couldn't imagine running a reef again with out it.

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