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tonya- 15 days...

mcliffy2- OT is welcome. I'm not really the best with wood working. You be suprised what you can't see in a picture!

My tools(wood working) are fairly basic. I haven't gotten into actual cabinet making. Yet. I used the following to make the stand and canopy:

10" compound miter saw(can use a circular saw)
For the 2x4 frame and 1x trim pieces. I picked up a 10" sliding compound miter on sale at Menards for $80. Not a brand name, but it does the job. My reg. miter couldn't do wide boards, so I got a sliding miter saw instead.

table saw(can use circular saw)
To cut the ply wood. Once again, a circular saw can be used.

tape measure
Well, you know...

Cordless drill, hammer, pencil, square, wood file, sand paper, a couple drill bits, possibly clamps, rags
Depending on how its made... I screw as much as I can together. I nail my finishing work.

Putty, stain or paint, clear coat
Depends on how you make it. Like I said, I'm no professional so putty and I are good friends. I used to paint my stands, etc.. black. I like the look of stain way better. Its pretty easy too.

Hope this helped atleast a little. These are the basics of what I use. I recently got a router. I'm able to finish the wood without having to buy corner trim, etc.. to give it that finished look. You can find any tool relatively cheap. It depends on what you need it to do though. Example:

Circular saw
My base, table, whatever... angles out so I can 45 wood to make nice corners. I believe its pretty much a base option, but I have seen a CHEAP saw that didn't have that feature. My Skil was $50-60?

Table saw
Usually don't need anything fancy. If you need one at all. Just depends on how often used, how straight of pieces you want and how you plan to trim. Trim can easily hide imperfections... I did buy a nicer Craftsman table saw because I wanted a large table and a blade that miters/angles to a 45 degree angle so I can do a whole lot more. I think I spent around $300. You can probably get one for $100 or under.

compound miter saw
Lots of options here as well. My 1st one was about $50-60. I wanted to be able to chop wider boards so I got a sliding saw. It was really cheap at $80.

Lots of options again. My Skil plunge router was $80. My table was $120. If anything I would comprimise more on the router, but not the table. Most of the tables had laminate surfaces which I can see getting all scratched up and not being able to read the marks. I got a Craftsman table which is all cast.

Hows that for OT?

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