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My Aquarium consist of one very very small anemone, one butteryfly fish 4inch, one tang 3inch, 2 dominos, 2 demsils, 4 nemos fishes I put all this stuff on Sunday of this 11 nov, 2007. but today 13 nov i founf 2 small dominos and one demsil is missing and a days before the colour of the domino is become fade i think that they might be died but i dont found their bodies till now i am affraid for my other fishes but they seems to be fine but my butter fly is little damge a little upper from the mouth i think today but they are taking their feed in a proper manner. Please guide me what will i do in this sistuation and my water salinity is 10.22 i dont have the amonia and nitrate meter please guide if i have how it should be and i any one have the price idea for these item. I have bucket filter which i make on yesterday after putting the filiter media in it.

Fishes: 2 giant gouramis, 9" size round aquarium 36" h, 30"w.
Marine Aquarium:
Size: App 75 Gal
Fishes: 1 scopas tang (Zebrasoma Scopas) , 1 Pakistan butterfly fish "Chaetodon collare", 2 clown,
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