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Hi Atif

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Many questions to answer first--[list=1][*]What is the size of the tank?[*]How long has it been set up?[*]A bucket filter? Is that a canister like an Ehiem or Magnum?[*]Are you using live rock and a deep sand bed?[*]Did you add everything at once?[/list=1]

I really need to know that to give specific answers. I would get ammonia test kit at once. Also raise that salinity slowly over time to around 1.025 or slightly higher.

It appears right now that you may have added too many fish in too short a span. The tank was not ready to handle the load and you have toxic levels of ammonia. I would do large, 30%, water changes about every other day for a week at this time. Give me a more complete picture of what is your current set-up and I'll provide better answers.

I hope all is well in your country as I know you are going through some trying times. My blessings to you.

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