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Originally posted by miracles38
Awesome Jeremy! Thanks for posting those. I guess I will have to start a build thread

Yeah, I didn't know he was going to rotozip either, but I had ordered sch. 80 bulkheads and he didn't have a hole saw large enough. I should have thought of you Steve, you are always drilling holes for everyone. It actually did scare me - I had to walk away a couple of times!

This will be a reef with lots of fishes!

Thanks again everyone - and all of you are more than welcome to come and help with the plumbing this weekend

Kenny - I wish I had a budget! I am going to add what I have and hope for the best.

I got the stand from Acrylic Tank Manufacturers out of Las Vegas. They did a really great job.
I truly agree with the wonderful job that they did on the stand. I've seen it in person and was very impressed with the welding and the powder coating that was done. A+

- Jeff

Current Tank Info: Oceanic Tech 70 and Eco Systems MiniR 14g
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