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He was in my other tank. He is very docile. I have snails he does not even touch them. My regal tang gives him a slap now and then LOL. He has been good for the 8 months or so that have had him. That rock is great to work with very easy to stack very jagged pieces. Coraline has started to form on the starboard already.

On a different note today I went and saw another customer that shops at my LFS tank. He has a big Sohal tang that has out grown his tank and it keeps on splashing water and breaking his MH lights. He wants a new bulb for the fish. I was shocked when I saw this thing it must be 13-14" very fat and the colors on it our out of this world! It is by far the biggest and nicest Sohal tang I have seen including in pictures. It eats out of his fingers he gets along fairly well with a large powder blue tang that was in his tank. I hope to pick it up maybe tomorrow if not when I'm back in town again in around 2 weeks time. I will post lots of pics of him.

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