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Starboard is highdensity polyethylene HDPE - it is a kind of plastic used in boats and cutting boards. Starboard is just a brand name HDPE. One advantage of starboard is that it has been UV stabilized - otherwise it will react with UV and change colors - which is nice if you are running halides.

People are starting to use starboard as opposed to sand beds since in sand detritus will settle into the sand, break down, produce nitrates and phosphates - with starboard it is very easy to syphon the stuff off every few days and just get it out of the tank. Another advantage is that it allows you to run extreme flow through the tank without having to worry about stirring up sand storms(it is very popular with SPS keepers who try to turn over the water volume of a tank 30+ times per hour).

So basically the advanatages of starboard - lower nitrates, easy maintenance, high flow without any adverse side effects(clouding, sand blowing around)


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