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I've changed a few things around the tank, improved water flow, sped up water flow through sump, plumped the Skimmer from the return pump instead of being fed directly from display tank and then flowing to the sump, and replaced the crappy AI light that I was using. I'm now using a Kessil A360NE directly over my nem, and have tuned to a little more blue than what I had. I got this idea from Orion's last post.

My pink nem adjusted after just a week and his tentacles have started to extend a little more. They're still fat and stubby, but less than the picts you see above. I'll post updated picts later. He's kept his pinkish/purplish color and is overall, looking more promising.

My little tan nem bleached out completely though. He did this before the Kessil install, which has made me abandon AI lights altogether. He is slowly getting some color back, thanks to my changes.

So to update, I'm reporting a slow recovery and I am hopeful. Thanks to all for your input.


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