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Originally Posted by Cflynn62 View Post
All valid points another options that I'm surprised has not be discussed is the Hypo salinity method. I have had a 75 reef for a while and in the beginning I had to battle the dreaded ICH. However, after talking with my LFS I did a little research and decided that this was the least aggressive treatment with a relatively high success rate. All that is required is multiple water changes over 2-3 days to lower your tank salinity to around 1.009-8 range. This level must be maintained for roughly 1 month or until all signs of spots are gone (beyond the initial die off as this is simply a stage in the ICH life cycle.) Being that ICH is a simple parasite it can't adapt to the swing in salinity as your fish can and will die. Once your fish have been spot free for around a month you can slowly adjust the salinity back up to the normal 1.025-26 level and observe. This method will save the heartache of losing fish and the pain staking process of removing fish to QT.
do you take your fish out for this or do you do the hypo salinity with them in it... and they can live in a so low salinity without dying?

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