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I had lost a fish or two years ago to ick. This time I figured to play it safe and setup a quarantine tank. So I sacrificed a tank, heater, & pump, since afterward it is useless because of the chemicals.

I used Quick Ich Cure & by the time I got to the 3rd day at least 3 of my angels looked like crap. Their skin was peeling & they were not responding as well. They had come to me perfectly healthy shipped & I stressed the hell out of them by putting them in a quarantine. Two died already. So I am out of fish & out of the wasted dry goods.

This is sickening and after reading this thread and talking to some local reefers, I am more confused than ever. Don't do this because it only stresses them out further, but setup a QT tank. Set one up for what then, if it is going to stress them further and nothing seems to really work 100%.

You risk killing the fish regardless.

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