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Unhappy First time dealing with ICH!

I just noticed the white spots all over my clown goby. There were none 12 hours ago! He's still eating. I have a baby anemone, feather duster, two coral frags, and two hardy clownfish in the tank as well. My question is...Is there ANY way to treat this without quarantining the fish and killing everything else in the tank? I don't know how I'll catch him, or get all of the live rock out of the tank, or honestly have time with three kids and the 12 hours shifts I work. I purchased him about 4 weeks ago, but my clowns are a year and a half old. I really don't want any of them to die. I'm worried about the corals and anemone so much. Can they get this as well? I've read a few comments on here mentioning the product "Ich Attack", is that an option? Please help me save my tank

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