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I was able to get it working this is what I sent to Dan over at Avast, the problem seems to be with the Newest Apex hardware.

Ok so it looks like I got it! Since I'm running the “New” Apex it might differ from what some people have experienced. When you plug in head unit into the minidin connection on the main unit on the Apex the whole system resets and the power bar goes orange, however the main unit goes blue. I then needed to reconnect the apex to my home wireless just like you do when you first get the unit. after that you might go to the power bar and select update firmware (even though the Apex will say it’s running on the latest version) after that SW1 showed as “closed” I connected a pump into a outlet set it up as ATO and ran the following code:

Fallback OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then ON

The system now works, I blew into the tube and the ATO pump turns off and on when not. Like I said maybe I'm having this issue because I'm running the 2016 Apex unit

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