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the flower anemone has been so easy for me. i got it when it was the size of a quarter. it has battled its way through two tank crashes, and an interstate tank move. it grew just fine under 80 watts PC, and is expanding huge under my halide. it only moves on me when it doesnt get light or if it have to much flow on it. otherwise it usually stays where i put it.
i have
micromussa (red)
favia (neon green centers)
maze brain (neon green center)
pink palythoa
dragon eye zoanthids
hammer coral
green star polyps.
two monitopora caps and one digi (green, orange, and red)
flower anemone
false percula (2)
feather dusters, amphipods, isopods, mini starfish, bristle worms, and tiny oysters.

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