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Well, a couple of reasons.

First, those suckers are expensive.
Second, I don't just have a problem, I have an infestation. All of the rock is from a friend who's getting out for a while, and many of the rocks have 20-30 on each. We're talking easily 100-200.
Third, to make any dent in them I'd probably have to order 10-20 or the aip's would simply keep up with them.
Even with most of the base rock out, and only of the remaining ~20 rock/frags, there are probably....

OK, my wild guess was way off.
One football plus sized rock with a large colony of zoos and a kenyan tree and some other LPS on it has about 50+ on it alone.
Several other rock/frags have 30-50 each.
Have a couple of more rocks under a PVC tier holding the corals up top that I haven't been able to reach yet, and they also have 30-50 each, with some pretty large ones.

So the rock I took out probably had 200-400 on it.

I will order some of the Beghia's once I have the tank stable, and while the other rock is cycling. I just need to figure out what to do with the scarlets and blue-legs as I think the'll decimate the Berghia's. Will have to move them to a small QT tank I guess, as there is no real way to get all the aip's growing through the colonies.

Oh yeah, friends top-off was garden hose to the sump.....

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