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i'll have to go back and finish reading the rest of the pages but the subject caught my attention.i ran my 29 gallon softy tank for a couple years before moving it all to a 55 with lps sps and softies.i have never used anything but tap tap water reads at 534ppm tds which is supposed to be over the limit for human tank is beautiful and thriving at 11 almost 12 months now.the water authority has it at 250ppm tds when it leaves but somewhere before it gets here there must be a leak and dirt is getting in the water.i've checked my meter with them and my we can figure is that whatevers in the water is'nt harmful.i kind of wonder if all this excitement over rodi water may be just another thing to sell people who are scared their tank will crash.i have various types of monti,pavona,hydnopora,echinophylia,brains,mushrooms,cabbage,xenia,toadstools,gsp,trumpet ,ect.
t5 lights 29 sump with chaetto a regular prizm skimmer,some carbon,a plenum.i guess i'll post some photos later.

55g,t5,sump,monti,pavona,green hydnophora,echinophyllia,trumpet,open green and red lobo,2 toadstools,gsp,xenia, mushrooms,2 giant frilly shrooms,cabbage coral,yellow polyps,zoos, nepthia,kenya
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