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So I checked the sexes of my gray bamboo breeding group now that they've officially started to reach maturity. I was very surprised by what I discovered. The two biggest in the group are my males while the three smaller are my females. I thought the whole time that the females were the bigger ones because of their bigger average length! I am thought they'd be the ones growing faster and wider.
So now with that info on hand it looks like the ladies have some growing to do. But I've had them all now for 18-24 months and purchased them all at at least 12". So that would indicate they are all almost three years old which means they should be sexually mature going by age and size.
I'm stumped. The claspers aren't calcified and the females are def not big enough to carry eggs, I don't think. But I will keep the temp up and keep feeding them healthy and a varied supplemented diet. I bet by the end of the year now I'll have hatchlings. Some reading I did stated similar sized Chiloscylium arabicum eggs hatch in 70-80 days. Much less that C. punctatum at 120-180 days. I'm guessing the eggs must be much smaller as well.
We shall see.

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