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I've used jump start bottles that help...forgot the brand, but it was bought refrigerated from a LFS.

I wouldn't rely on live sand for your seed. I'm sure there's some viable bacteria in the sand, but probably not enough. My recommendations, in order:

Get real live rock, let it cycle, profit. I haven't seen it in a LFS in a LONG time, so good luck.

Get a couple of small rocks and a big ol scoop of sand from a well established tank. Toss it into your tank and let it grow. Toss in some fish food from time to time during the cycle to promote bacterial growth. Toss in a bacteria jump start for an added bonus...$20 can't hurt.

Get a couple of small, established the above things

Get a scoop of the above things

If all that isn't available, add a bacteria boost, feed the tank to facilitate growth.

Remember, the jump start still takes time to properly cycle. Take things slow no matter how you attack it.

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