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FS: couple of tanks in SF Bay area (California)

Hello everyone,

I will have for sale 4 tanks that I have decided no to keep and upgrade to a larger tank. the tanks will be ready possibly next week, so I am testing waters.

1: BioCube 32G LED Like new, all I need to do is light cleaning. this has also the cabinet in excellent conditions. All accessories are included, (just no media)
Asking $500

2:JBJ 30G Rimless Cube AIO, in great condition, also have the cabinet that is in good shape, but I will have it cleaned and possibly repainted, but no water damage. include: Pump and media tray. (no media)
Asking $300

I also have a Brand New Blackbox LED 160w (still in box)new Model with front control knobs and single power cord,never used that I can add DIY Light rack to the 30G JBJ cabinet, that consist of an adjustable height tube (painted black)
extra $95 for the light and light bar

3: BioCube 14G Rimless Modded, no Hood just tank, pump, and Media Tray. (I will have it also cleaned in and out)
Asking $100

4: 15g Rimless Bare tank, great little set for Fresh or Salt, have LED fixture (blue/white or actinic only) and HOB Filter and 50w Heater. Excellent for a table Pico Aquarium
Asking $60

send me PM if anyone is interested on any of the setups, all should be ready to go.

Prices are not set in Stone, send offers.

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