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Magnificent Stubby Tentacles

I've had this amazing Magnificent Anemone for a few years now, but I cannot figure out why he's morphed from a gorgeous Magnificent to a sickly Sebae. I cannot figure out a better way to describe it. He had long tentacles that looked like what you'd see on a reef in the wild. A years passed and he's strunk his tentacles to nubs. Sometimes there are messengies protruding from the tips, with some brown stuff expelled. I've looked all over the internet for someone seeing the same thing and I've found nothing. So I have no idea what to do here.

This nem did suffer a bleaching event summer of 2020. He's since got his color back, but not like the purple/green he had. He's been looking stubby like this since that summer. His tentacles are not sticky. I have to hold food by his mouth like I'm nursing him. He eats, slowly, about every couple days. I vary his diet with scallops, silversides, and shrimp.

He does have a partner younger Magnificent next to him, who is doing so well, it sheds doubt on whether there is anything wrong with the tank system itself. Parameters are on point.

I don't know if my nem is suffering from burns from the lighting (AI Hydras retrofitted with new LED's), or if he just never healed properly from his bleaching event. He looked like this before the young nem was added, so it can't be from the addition. Anybody have any ideas? See the pictures attached.

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