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that's so crazy! Had I not known, I would have said that it's a different anemone!

I've kept magnificas for awhile now, and I've experienced all sorts of issues with them over the years, but I've never seen one act like yours before.

One thing I *do* know is that having that 2nd mag next to it can't be doing it any favors. I know that you said the problems began before the 2nd one was added; however, what if the original one was on the path of getting better, but, in its weakened state, is even more sickly because of chemical warfare with the mag next to it?

Obviously, there is something that it doesn't like in your tank. I had a mag in a 40 gallon that just suddenly started shrinking for no reason. Lost its stickiness. This is what I did: I would remove it from the system it is in. Take some Live rock, and put it in another tank with some good lighting and a hang on back filter. Observe for a few weeks. Does it seem different? If you feed it (after it's no longer stressed from the move) does it have a better feeding response? Keep on top of water changes. Let it live there for a few weeks and see what happens.

I realized that my mag absolutely HATED my 40 gallon tank. I had no idea why. After noticing that it was much happier in my 20 gallon temporary tank, I moved it to my main 135 DT (despite being full of different other anemones), and it's been thriving ever since.

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