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I wonder what has caused the disease. It first starts as a rough appearance at the attachment which over the course of a few weeks worsens to the point where you see the coral tearing away. The coral appears happy until this point at which time it will retract and no PE occurs. The normal color remains until after it has torn then it turns a light brown color around the tearing. After fragging the coral extends and has normal PE within a couple days. I am also wondering if this could be a reaction to carbon dosing. Possible bacterial infection? The sinulara had problems when I first started and now the toadstool had problems when I weaned off. I was having an ongoing battle with cyano that did not end until I stopped dosing vinegar. Still hovering a 1ppm NO3 and PO4 is .04 according to my hanna and it's been 3 months since stopping.

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