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Under stock lighting I would say no its not possible to keep a clam like that.

I do however believe its possible under prime water conditions, to keep one under PC's. I would highly reccomend agaist it for newbies & new to clams also.

I just posted this on the clam forum but here goes again.

I had my crocea in a 10 gallon under 96w PC lighting for over a year (a few of those months it was actually in a 2 gallon with 13W while the 10 stabilized)

I never fed the tank phyto, that would be asking for algea trouble on a tank that size. The clam is still with me about 4 years later & is doing great, I upgraded to a 20G 150W MH about 2 years ago.

I had an ex who also kept several clams in a larger tank lit by PC's including a black & white maxima (which I personally dont see all the fuss about, blue & blacks are MUCH more pretty) He had these clams for 3 years under PC's that I know of, who knows if he still has them under pc's or what though. But I think 3 years for maxima's is far long enough to discredit the statement that "oh they were slowly starving to death"

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