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Cowries are liable to graze on things, but I never heard of one that suddenly decided he wanted to wipe out your zoa's or eat your mushroom. They will rasp at algae, microorganisms on your rock, and maybe fish or whatever else you feed the tank. It very well may be a bulldozer, though, so you should keep that in mind. I think they are a cool enough addition to the tank that I wouldn't mind too much if it occasionaly nibbled on zoas or something, as they are sometimes accused of doing. They never nibbled on anything coral-related in my tank.

Beautiful tank, PMolan. Either your hands are really huge, or your cowry is a Lynx Cowry instead of a Tiger Cowry. They look fairly similar, but the teeth on the bottom are different and they don't get as large. Their behavior in a tank should be about the same, except yours won't relocate as much rock work.



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