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I should preface that I am novice compared to the majority of people on here but do have a few thoughts/suggestions:

*65 TDS is too high. Even if others have the same TDS reading with no issues, I still think the TDS is too high and would recommend nothing short of a series of 20G water changes.

*Toss the Chemipure and run Rowaphos. I have run both and there is a huge difference in my opinion.

*My understanding is small fuges don't do much. Consider a larger fuge.

*Lastly, try leaving the lights off for a day and see if the algae reduces. If the algae reduces the bulbs could be the culprit but not necessary the sole one. However, if the algae does not reduce, you can focus on the water perameters and assume the bulbs are most likely not the issue.

If all else fails bring a water sample to Phishy this weekend or the CORA meeting next Thursday and we'll test it.

Like I said, I have limited experience but thought I would try to help.



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