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Did you already bought it? If not, try with larger polyps, red finger gorgonian (Diodogorgia) or Menella. Or Swiftia, if you like cheerful tangerine orange.

I bought recently this one and already asked here - this is likely Elisella or Leptogorgia, people had problem with it - algae growth in well lit tanks, and if it stops to open for a feeding - declines (Jens information, if memory serves. I could give a link to the thread, but not nice things are going there now).

From my experience, it's:
- looks significantly worse, then listed above gorgonians (1mm thin branches and even smaller polyps),
- requires quite an amount on finest food (sized to fit these tiny mouthes, and amount, sufficient to feed them all),
- as a velvet fabric, collects everything, floating in the tank.

Relatively strong flow (I'm using reflected from the glass, others - laminar or on wavemaker), shaded or dark spot (to prevent algae growth), no small particles, settling on the coral, food - zooplankton of rotifer and decapsulated brine shrimp eggs size, different varieties. Good filtration and skimmer (or very small coral).

Multiple Tank Syndrome:
15g shallow hi light - Xmas tree rocks, nps, sps, clams
6g shallow dark - sun corals collection
5g - sea apples
NC12 - tube anemone
20g L - frogfish
125g - filefishes and lion

Current Tank Info: 6 BB tanks: NPS, filter feeders and odd fish. LPS, sps and clams too
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