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Salty Irishman - Yeah I like at least 18-inch deep tanks too.

Not_Sponsored - Thanks for your suggestion on the skimmer.

Seapug - I was actually thinking of using a Chaeto Fuge if I do a simple tank lower maintenance tank with no skimmer.

Hum, my tank now may be about as simple as I am going to get. I do a 5 gallon water change weekly (should probably do a little more but one bucket = 5 gallons), change filter socks 2x weekly, empty skimmer 2x weekly, add water to my top off once weekly, and does 3 ounces of A and B solution nightly. I guess this is about as simple as it is going to get on any tank? I just have some cyno algae and my corals are not growing as well is I would like. I think more water changes would help. I need to start a new thread for this. I guess the only think a smaller tank would do is cut my operating cost.

Does anyone else have a simple low maintenance reef they want to tell us about?


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