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i run a very low maintenance 30 gallon reef tank... i can post some picture if you want... i think the key to a low maintenance aquarium is a refugium with macro algae, and a rather over sized protein skimmer...

i don't think my tank is over loaded by any means... 2 clownfishes, golden angelfish, and a banded goby... i have tried running the tank with just the refugium and no skimmer... the first two months were great... nuisance algae in the main tank started dying off... nitrates were at zero... the problem with macro algae is sometimes they are tempermental... in my experience, sometimes they grow and fill my refugium in just a week... sometimes it takes more time to fill the same space... during those temper tantrums, i can see it taking its toll on the main tank... although everything is healthy, there is something i can not put my finger on that is not right about the system... the addition of an over rated skimmer allowed the macro algae to afford some slack...

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