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Help with Dosing

Hello everyone new to this forum. I started 12 Gallon JBJ Nano Cube Deluxe took out the ceramic cones and the bioballs and filled the second compartment with crushed live rock, I also added a mini pretein skimmer.

Inside the tank I have about 17 Pnds live rock, 4 inch Pacific Indo sand the white with black sand.

Occupants: snails, hermits, Zooanthids, Star Polyp, 2 false Percs and one Yellowheaded Jawfish.

I plan on adding more corals as I move along. But I am stuck on additives.

Does anyone have any suggestions for additives and measurements. Right now I have Kent, essential elements, Pro Buffer DKH, Red Sea Buff, Kalkwasser.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Sinsigalli
Fishy Business
(860) 550-1878

Current Tank Info: 75 Gal Salt Reef, 30 Gal Salet Reef, 12 Gal Nano-Cube
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