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Originally posted by cp3823
thanks for the info guys. If anyone has some links or a how to guide to make an air pump top off container that would be great. I'm looking to get a ATO now.
You don't necessarily have to use an air pump and a sealed container, that's just one solution.

I use a 20g tank for a top off container on my 90g and a 46g tank for a top off container on my 125g. I use an MJ 900 on the 90 and a CA1800 on the 125, but it's about to be replaced with an MJ 1200. The MJ900 works great on the 90 b/c it has a smaller sump and can't take the splashing. Just remember not to submerge the top off hose or when the pump kicks off, it may suck your tank water out into your top off container.

Whatever you do, I doubt you'll regret the ATO. It has made our tanks so much more convenient... just remember to pay attention to your top off reservoir.

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