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Originally posted by sellout007
I would tend to think that if the CA test was testing fine, then *is now off* it would be a contamination issue rather then a problem with Saliferts quality control. No?
OK, I apologize about my Ca test, I was adding only 4 drops of the Ca-2, instead of 8. Works fine now. My KH test has always worked fine.
I have a hard time believing anyone would contact Salifert and get a negative response on replacement though I suppose anything is possible.
It's just that I was reading on their forum here (where did it go BTW?) about how the owner was sick & I understand that but it doesn't mean he can't find someone else to communicate with his customers, even if it's just to tell us to hold on, the owner is really, really sick. It seems that they were responding to emails & PMs for a while but stopped copmpletely, several months ago. I tried to look on their forum to find out if anything has been done about this lately & it's gone. There were several stock #s mentioned but then there were many other tests out of the range of those numbers that were coming up bad. It seems odd to me that such a reliable company, whom we have trusted to cary some of the best test kits around for years, would just let things slide for so long.

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