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The Blueline Angelfish is one of my favorite fish. I have a 4"er in my 210. It has been a model citizen since my tank is setup for angels. I got if from when it was about 3.5". Tom's livestock is top notch. All the fish I have bought from here came in health and eating within the first full day. I got my Chrysurus angel from him when it was a juvi, and I just got a 4" Goldflake from him today. If I was to buy a fish without a stay alive garuantee online it would be from JustRareFish. If you want to have the stay alive policy then checkout They have Bluelines from time to time. My Blueline eats pellets and Seaweed Select Green algea sheets. It does not touch any mysis, krill, or scallops in my homemade foods. As far as coral inhabitants, I only keep leathers and mushrooms since angels ignore them.

Here are a couple pics of mine. The pics are not too clear since I had just reaquascaped the tank and the water was cloudy.

Here is a pic of the tank with the Blueline Angelfish on the right upper side.

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