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I don't believe the phyto i feed does not cause water quality issues. It's just a observation Or a good guess I have but I feel the phyto out competes the other algae sources for possible phosphate issues. It sort of consumes the bad stuff before other algaes in the tank have a chance to use them.
The 6 months I had my 54 corner tank up I might of had to clean the glass maybe 10 times. Compared to my other tanks in past were it was 3 times a week. And its not like I kept the tank dark either, I ran a double ended 250 mh for 4 hours a day over the tank and two t5 lights on it for 10 hours a day.
The 360 gal tank has been up for a little over a month now and it has neeed the front cleaned a few times. Once due to diatoms on the front pane, the others due to some coral like spawnings all over the front. Almost looked like hydroids but I know they were coral larva.

That upside down coral in the picture did turn itself upright within 2 months.
What I have noticed in these corals is they are highly aggressive. The smaller dendro "nub" on that rock stretched out over the corse of a few weeks to attack another dendro. It actually had the scerlites in the coral move towards the tips and act as a stabbing type attack. It would scratch the other dendro in a way to get it to close up or to kill it I'd guess.... Pretty cool IMO. A coral that is said to not be able to survive actually taking on a fighting mechanism.

Coming up on 25 years in this hobby...That's a lot of skimmate

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