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no additives, stock lighting, i dont have any test kits as i assume (know) nitrate phosphate ph are all in check, so my calc and alk are checked at the lfs every now and again. and i use buffer and turbo calc to keep everything at reasonable levels. salt is bought from lfs and its instant ocean. I would have to say the key is not having any really demanding corals. brain corals, euphylias and all the soft corals are really tough beautiful corals.

funny this thread just came back up as my yellow leather has shut up for the last 3 days. hopefully just shedding.

I would have to say that a lot of people over complicate whats needed to maintain a good looking reef. they think you have to have massive lighting, a skimmer, ato, a rigid maintenance schedule etc. Dont get me wrong these things are the best way to provide perfect conditions for your reef as this is our responsibility as reef keepers, however money and time constraints just dont allow these things.

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