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I might be getting a 130g!

Hi all! I was at my brother's today, who has tons of reptiles, and he asks if I want a 130 gallon tank he's just got sitting out in his garage! At first I said no, because I didn't think I had a place for it, but I got home and looked around and figured out a place real fast! I'm waiting to back from my bro, but it's pretty much a given. The biggest problem is it needs to be resealed, but my husband is a diy genious, so he'll be able to handle that. Now, what are my options? I never thought a tank this size would be a possibility, so I've never researched for it. What kind of stock could I have? I would want to do a full reef with a tank that big! Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I have google ready to look up everything that is suggested!! Thank you!


Current Tank Info: 2g FW, 4.5g FW, 10g FW, 29g FW, 55g SW, 130g SW replacing 55g soon!
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