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That's a lot! We're talking about getting the tank and storing it on our sunporch while we reseal it and then wait for our tax return to get it set up real nice! We also need to build a stand, but my brother is a welder and my husband does real well with wood structures, so between the two of them, I think we can come up with a nice looking, but sturdy stand.

I have no idea where to even start with this thing! I know we would probably use our current 55 gal tank as the sump, but beyond that, I don't know what else we would need. Of course we would transfer the sand, rock and inverts that we have to the new tank and our one fish (Fairy Wrasse) that we have right now. We're getting an oscellaris clown next week, but that would still leave a lot of options open for the fish that we could put in the BIG tank! Any suggestions for fish, equipment, and whatnot are readily welcome!


Current Tank Info: 2g FW, 4.5g FW, 10g FW, 29g FW, 55g SW, 130g SW replacing 55g soon!
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