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I would spend any extra money on good equipment and then worry about the live stock. You are a long way from adding fish. A good starter skimmer is a ASM g-2 or g-3 Look @ the selling forums and pick up a used one for around 150.00 next is lighting I would go with vho or t-5's if your husband is a diy guy you can put together a ligting system for around 250.00 or so. Do not forget to get 1.5 pounds of live rock per gallon look for someone in your area selling it or order online 3 bucks per pound is usally a good price. I built my 300 gallon for about 4000.00 so the way I figure if you play your cards right you can have a nice set up for about 1000.00 then you will be ready to start putting corals and fish in it. Good luck and have fun!

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