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Nice tank!! Thanks for the pricing info. I know that I would not be able to put livestock in for a while, I just like to spend a lot of time researching what I want to do! I figure that if I find out some info now, I'll be ready when the tank is. I just talked to my brother and he wants to trade for our 55 gallon, so the resealing, stand, and initial transfer of livestock (inc. sand and rock) would need to be done a little faster than adding the correct lighting and extras. I've heard that ebay is also a good place to look for used equipment, does anyone know about that? I've been sitting all afternoon (I sprained my ankle so I can't walk right now) and looking through threads and the gallery here at diy stuff and ideas! Thank you all for your help so far!


Current Tank Info: 2g FW, 4.5g FW, 10g FW, 29g FW, 55g SW, 130g SW replacing 55g soon!
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