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I have a Quiet One 4000 as a return and a Mag3 as an internal pump on my 40g. Internal means the pump actually sits IN the tank, since it is a barebottom frag tank, no big deal. Both are quieter than the Sedra 3500 on my skimmer, which is barely audible at 10 feet. As for heat added, I'm fine with it since it eliminates the need for a larger pair of heaters!

I DID have a problem with the Mag3 leaking when I tried to use it externally, hence why I use it internally, so this is one thing to consider. The manufacturer, Danner, does say the pumps are able to be run externally but I have heard an unbelievable amount of stories of Mags leaking.

If I were to upgrade and remove the Mag3, I would probably go with a Veloctiy, Iwaki, Sequence or a PanWorld. Each brand has pros and cons, but that's another thread. A Sequence Snapper would be nice for a manifold-style CLS; a Veloctiy T4 with a couple of eductors would certainly Rock the Casbah.


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