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Hello there Water Sleeper. Does anyone know what type of anemone we are talking about?
As for that "Dead Hand" coral, I never had good look with them, they always looked like...well...dead hands.
If your anemone has short fat tentacles you should feed it fish. Any kind of salt water fish. Fish are better than shrimp and when you feed fish you should feed whole fish. That may be difficult if it is a tiny anemone but you can get very small whole fish at an Asian store. If not, then stick with small pieces of fish.
If the anemone has long thin tentacles then feed it ver tiny bits of food because feeding that type of anemone will cause the tentacles to become short and stubby in a short time.
Only feed the thing when it is extended and only maybe once a week. They don't need much food as much of it is manufactured from light but WaterKeeper could have told you all this. I just figured I would help the "old" guy out.
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