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Do you find salt easier than fresh?

Hey. Anyone come over to the salty side from fresh and actually find it easier or had better success? I have been keeping freshwater fish for more than a decade but never really excelled in the areas I wanted to like breeding shrimp, and growing plants. I have done it to some extent but never on the level that others seemed to find so easy like I can't keep java fern alive to save my life but I can grow crypts like no other, without any special substrate or ferts. I have had every level of tank from low tech to high tech and still never found a happy place. I have bred Mbuna with ease but not cherry shrimp, I can keep otos fat and happy and have amano shrimp that are nearly a decade old but can't keep java ferns and anubias alive with full tech setups, it's weird lol

Maybe the precision of salt would fit better?

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