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Okay, we need to solve this

So i just spent some time reading through this thread started by MuchoReef.

My zoas are showing a lot of the same symptoms discussed in the thread. They aren't closed, but they do appear to be getting smaller and are looking weak. Some aren't even opening up the entire way. i have not lost any colonies YET, but i am afraid they are going to whither away to nothing. i have not done anything different, and other corals in the tank, hammer, toadstool, mushrooms, and monti cap are doing great. Only some of the colonies have been affected.

We need to come up with ideas to try to solve this problem, there has to be a way. If we can figure something out, then myself and other reefers wont have to helplessly sit and watch our favorite zoas dissappear before our eyes.

it is entirely possible that there is no solution, and it can randomly happen, just as xenia can be fine one day and melt the next.

here are some things I read that we might look into to help. Since obviously the dips do not help, we can assume that it is not a fungus or a predator, unless they are immune to the dips. Also, since the polyps seem to be dissolving and not dissapearing, I would not think that it is a predator. So, here's what i think it could be, and i am by no means an expert.

1. This might be mere coincidence, but Mucho's thread was started last september, around the same time of this year when i first saw the signs of abnormalty. The main discussion on this particular thread fell off by the end of november. So, could it be possible that what happens has something to do with the season change or something of that nature? I have no clue but i am just throwing it out there.

2. Could the salt quality be an issue? Some one posted in the thread that they started seeing problems when they switched to a different type of salt. If we get a bad batch of salt where maybe the trace elements are off, could this hurt or stress out the zoas?

3. What about light? No, i'm not really talking about what type or how much, but i read in the thread where someone had turned off their lights for a few days to help with algea, and when they turned them on their zoas seemed to do better. I have turned my light off for the next couple of days to help with a little algea, and i will let everyone know if i see any improvement.

4. Could it be an additive issue? Could we not be adding enough of something or getting too much of something in our tanks that our causing the demise of our zoas? I would think not, because in my case at least, not all of the zoas are being affected, but it is possible.

5. Could salinity be too high/low? right now my sg is at 1.023. It was at 1.025 or 6, but when i saw the problems i was having, i decided to slowly drop it to see if it helped any. It hasn't and i am under the impression that salinity is not the problem.

6. Finally, could it be some form of chemical warfare that is lethal to zoas? Could it be an "X" factor coral that emits a toxin that zoas can't stand? If we could find a commong coral we all have that is in the tank with these zoas we might have a lead. Once again, i don not expect this to be the answer because not all zoas in the tank are affected. Maybe it has something to do with proximity.

So, I really want to get this thing beat, because i am tired of seeing my zoas deteriorate. I want this thread to be a great discussion of ideas and suggestions. Also, post pictures! Sorry for the long thread, lol

Here are some of my "infected." I see the red "cyano" type material some people were talking about, but i don't think it is cyano because it wont blow off under a powerhead. Also, this is the only colony i see any traces of it.





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