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see thats the thing....that is the only spot "i can see" that has cyano. It could be other places but i don't see it. Hopefully the lights being off will help the situation. Phosphate levels are very low, although nitrates are at about 5ppm. Lighting has not changed at all. I don;t even think it was any corals i may have added, because the only ones were a very small toadstool frag and two mangroves.

I think you may be right about the cyano or something there we might not be able to see being the problem. Maybe we can solve it by just turning off our lights for a few days every month. There was a thread about doing this a while back. Other than that, i have no clue what to do. i have been stepping up my water changes. about 2.5 gallons on a 14 gallon tank every week or so thinking this might help get out whatever might be cousing the problem. I have some phosban lying around, so what i might try to do is measure out a very small amount and put it in a filter bag in the back of the biocube. The flow wont be too strong and maybe this will take out whatever the cyano(or whatever it is) is feeding off of. I wanna beat this thing!

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