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With our high TDS its the only system I would consider. They have the only individually hand tested and guaranteed 98+% rejection rate RO membranes on the market. My system is 17 months old and producing 99.23% average rejection RO only water without DI. Thats a tap water TDS of 835 and an RO only TDS of between 5.3 and 6.2. After the DI it is a true 0 TDS and I have made about 1800 gallons of water only replacing the MaxCap DI cartridge twice in all that time. With my old 75 GPD system even using high quality replacement filters and a Dow membrane I was getting an RO only TDS of 13-15 and nuclear grade DI resin was lasting me 150 gallons per 20 oz. fresh sealed refill. Quite a difference.

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