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when i first started reefing in the early 90's, i used tap water to mix my salt up...i lived in a city with pure mountain spring run off for tap water. excellent water quality...

i knew only of chlorine and chloramines...nothing about tds...

my 10g nano (they didnt even have the term nano reef yet and live rock was $11 per pound where i lived) did great for the two years i had it running before tearing it down and starting school...did i run into problems? yes, the chloramines were a constant worry. the water company adjusts it according to their daily (sometimes weekly testing)...i called them constantly to inquire what their levels were.

as i ran into algae issues, i introduced racemosa caulerpa into my little display (of course, this is before the concept or terminology of refugium came in common practice), to soak up nitrates etc. was that a bad thing? now it is...but it did wonders before i could find any 'hard' literature on it...

so...back to tap water use...

you can use it...but like the knight from the last crusade said 'choose but choose wisely'...or something like that...i use ro/di to have one less thing to worry about as i have more than enough of that already in life...

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