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Tap water user since the beginning, algea problems? Yes. I just have to figure out wether it was from months of maintanece neglect or the tap water itself. In the last month or 2 have changed light bulbs and filter media with multiple water changes from brand new saltmix and algea is on the run. I'm in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. To my suprise even my LFS here uses tap in all displays.

Our water source: The North Saskatchewan River.

"The Saskatchewan Glacier in the Columbia Icefields is the source of the North Saskatchewan River (NSR). EPCOR draws its water from this river to supply drinking water to Edmonton and 40 surrounding communities. The Columbia Icefields is the only glacier in the world that drains into three oceans: to the east, the North Saskatchewan River drains into the Atlantic Ocean; to the north, the Athabasca River drains into the Arctic Ocean; and the Columbia River flows westward into the Pacific Ocean."

My first Coral addition was last weekend, a Toadstool Leather that opened up the very next moring. Don't get me wrong, if I had an RO/DI unit, I would use it.. But no severe problems in the past years.

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