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After all the discussion on here, I decided to get a RO/DI unit from airwaterice out of Fort Pierce, Fl. After I ordered it, I was reading about how water hardness could be a problem. So I called AWI and spoke with Don. He told me to check the Los Angeles Annual Water Report to find out about GPG, a measure of hardness in the water. Instead the Hardness was measured in terms of mg/L. For the various sources for LA residential water, the numbers were from 88 mg/L to 215 mg/L. I emailed this info. to Don and he told me that it is too hard. He said that the water will have to be softened before I can use the unit properly. I asked him how to do that. He said since I live in a rental it would be up to the apartment complex (which I know better than to even bother asking for) to install a softener. He just told me to mail it back once I get it. Any suggestions for a way to use the unit??? I don't want to spend very much more money than I already have on this. Any renters in hardwater cities that use RO/DI?

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