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One thing I really think is interesting is the silicon. Most likely from my water supply. But when testing my tank water it's well below the set point of 100ug/l. My sponges must be doing very well as I don't have a diatom issue.

Also, as I noted when scaling up to 2 gallons and larger sampling sizes I noticed larger granules when adding to the water. Once tested and before collecting samples for triton I noticed some stir along the bottom as I moved the pump around. What I need to add to my procedures is to move the circulation pump around just before achieving 35ppt and checking to see if that brings it up to 35ppt. And move it around again after the 45 minute wait is over one more time and make sure it's still at 35ppt.

With the cylinder and 1L volume the little pico pump was more then enough to stir everything up all the time. I think it's a bit under powered with the more volume but will do as long as I understand that.

So, I think I have learned and have a full set of steps I can repeat going forward. Again, doing this first with IO was very beneficial in knowing the general parameters already and tweaking my setup so I can repeat these tests again more accurately.

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